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Timothy Youth Lock-in (13-14 Mar 2020)

An exciting event took place in our church this past weekend! Beginning with scrumptious dinner prepared by Deaconness Leh Tieng, we hastened to begin our spiritual feast in the mini sanctuary.

Teacher Nick led our youths in a bible discussion about peer pressure. Together, we saw how Eliab, Saul, and Goliath tried to shape David’s self-image according to their expectations, and how David’s assurance in God empowered him to stay true to his calling. What ‘suits of armor’ have the Sauls in your life placed upon you?

Following the bible discussion, Chaunce and Daniel led our youths through some games! We had hilarious icebreakers and mystery-solvers.

Our youths took the mics and instruments, and led the church in worship at 6am!

Teacher Leh Tieng prepared both the physical and spiritual food on Saturday morning with her delicious toasties and inspiring talk about dating and relationships. We had a fun time caricaturing our ideal partners! Teacher Leh Tieng then gave us serious reasons to consider why ‘Godly’ should be the most valuable attribute. Our dating life needs to involve God too!

Pastor Sam later tossed us a challenge; to think seriously about our life philosophies. He guided us through the philosophies of hedonism, existentialism, and helped us to contemplate our worldview. What if God came into the picture? How might we change perspectives?

Finally, we had a Timothy Youth Vision Meeting to discuss our vision for the ministry. Do join us in praying for God to guide our path into the future! Praise God for our time of fun and blessings!


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